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Ship Of Thesues is also about organ trafficking and child trafficking.

The ship of Theseus, also known as Theseus' paradox, is a thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object which has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object. Sounds like Organ transplants to me. And no it isnt the same it takes on the traits of its owner ..this can wreak havoc on lives in ways people dont bother imagining.. like possession. Depending if the person was good person or criminal...is it really worth it!? can-organ-transplant-change-recipients-personality-cell-memory-theory-affirms

The more I dig the more disturbed I am. If you arent familiar with Dyncorp they are the ones behind all the organ trafficking around the world. dyncorp George Webb does videos exposing what Dyncorp is doing. Altho Geroge Webb is going to hollywood Oliver Stone who has mossad connections to help him make a film....therefor like most white 'truth' tellers HE IS A MOSSAD ASSET!! it's like going to mossad to make a movie about 9/11..oh wait Oliver Stone did that already! Rothschild Ties to JFK Assassination :Oliver Stone, Director of “JFK” steers attention away from Mossad  its becoming clear to me that george webb is some kind of plant they prob have something on him and hes testing the waters to see if people are dumb enough to fall for HOLLYWOOD making a movie about PAEDOGATE! fucking unreal. ID watch for im staging his own kidnapping..

Israel also is behind all the earthquakes. They use HAARP to induce earthquakes. Which is also in Ship Of Theseus. And its curious that Israel is always the first to send AID. Now why is that!? Its because they are stealing organs and children to sell into sex slavery. Their crimes know no bounds. if americans knew. Israel also has started to give earthquake proof tables to schools so the children will survive and they dont get damaged. Israel-donates-117-earthquake-proof-tables-to-Taiwan This blog will end up being more and more about Israel because all roads lead to Israel.

The Clintons did alot of damage in Haiti! the-clintons-crimes-in-haiti ALL FOR PROFIT!! Clinton was caught smuggling children out of haiti The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking (Haiti) Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore/Cover It Up Is this what JJ Abrams holds in high esteem destroying countries and children for profit!?? He likes to give millions to the Clintons who ruin countries accross the globe!?? Bill Clinton who basically made it legal for CPS to kidnap children!? It's absolutely sickening!!! ALL FOR PROFIT! WE MUST BRING THESE SUPER PREDATORS TO HEEL!


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Ship Of Theseus by Doug Dorst & JJ Abrams 

In S.O.T. the main characters talk about the Boss changing the world in his own image. To me they are speaking about George Soros and Rothschilds. JJ is from a long line of Rothschild double agents. Yagoda, JJ Abram's grandfather, (see prev. blog) was a Rothschild double agent sent to 'work' for Stalin history-of-house-of-rothschild-complete. The so called 'jews' love that Soros is bringing the migrant crisis to Europe. JJ Abrams funds Soros and Clinton and all the damage they bring to the world. A job for Soros and Clinton Rothschilds have too long gotten away with The Jewish Genocide of Europe: Kaganovich, Yagoda, Ehrenburg and Coudenhove-Kalergi

Now you really have to be aware of the 'jews' and their plans for all non 'jews' who they regard as cattle Goyim: Judaism. I call them 'jews' because you cannot convert to a religion and become a race yet somehow the only group that is ignorant (woefully) enough to think you can is the so called 'jews'. Jews are not a race. Can you say generations of inbreeding!?? science-reveals-jews-fantastically-inbred Or is it that they know its bullshit and the stupid goyims, who they keep fighting amongst themselves, with christianity and islam, wont do anything about it!? The Protocols OF Zion is recommended reading which is really a 'jew' rip off of Machiavelli Conversations In Hell. They cant seem to do much thats original. The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. Given they are all clones of eachother. If anything the ashkenazis are inbred neanderthals. The neanderthal hypothesis

Clone wars is about the so called 'jews' 

In S.O.T. they talk about launching a 'black vine' that to me is the refugee migrant crisis funded by George Soros. And 'it all goes back to Calais' that being where most 'refugees' are entering Europe. Israel plays a big role in the migrant crisis they being the ones destroying its neighbouring Muslim countries by using America to do much of its dirty work. Most of the refugees are from the congo not even from war torn Syria like we are being told. israaids-role-in-the-european-migrant-crisis This has been an ashkenazi past time for a long time bringing in Christian and Muslim hordes to do their dirty work. Christianity and Islam being invented by the so called 'jews' islam was created by the jews people need to free themselves from religious deceit as well as hollywood deceit. Jews created christianity. Do you get it!? Given whats going on its vital people wake up to this.

JJ seems to love giving millions to mass murderers without anyone batting an eye. Given he is the grandson of a prolific mass murderer we can understand why. Also Katie and JJ had briefings and met with Hillary because they donated so much money to her as the podesta emails shows. podesta-emails

katie-mcgrath-jj-abrams-family-foundation-los-angeles-grants I'd say all of their foundations need to be investigated. There is also the Malala Foundation that Katie is involved in which is a mossad front. Im seeing alot of mossad surrounding Katie McGrath. www.malala.org/champions

‘Project Malala’: The CIA’s Socio-Psychological Intelligence Operation project-malala-the-cias-socio-psychological-intelligence-operation/ if you arent familiar with Mossad Mossad crimes it was Mossad who did 9/11 Mossad did 911 Mossad Motto: By Way Of Deception Thou Shall Do War. 

MOSSAD : Israeli Secret Intelligence Services I.S.I.S. 

jj-abrams-about-to-enter-munich-segment-of-aping-spielbergs-career "JJ Abrams' Bad Robot has picked up another script for its continuing collaboration with Paramount Pictures. This time it's a well-regarded spec called Wunderkind, and it's about Nazi hunters in the 70s. One is an older guy, a tough Mossad agent from Israel (I guess all Mossad agents are from Israel, huh?) and the other a young guy who works for the CIA (should I mention he's American?). They team up reluctantly, probably to kill Nazis." If ONLY everyone knew the nazis are the ASHKENAZI 'jews' who kill their own and blame it on whoever suits their purposes at the time. Who fund all sides of all wars. 

"One mysterious donor, in particular, is getting attention today. W Spann LLC was formed in March and dissolved in July after making a $1 million donation to Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, NBC News reported." soros jj abrams super pacs Mitt Romney is Mossad his allegiance is with Israel. romneys_allegiance

On the set of a movie with mismatching police uniforms. 

Spann as in Spahan Ranch where the manson family hung out. Also Melcher Media is involved with making S.O.T. manson-murders-motive-melcher Terry Melcher was supposed to be the motive for Manson starting the killing spree. In turning down recording Manson that 'made' Manson want to kill, I mean him 'making' skinny hippie chicks want to kill, Sharon Tate and friends! Yeah sure. Conveniently while Roman was in London filming the Day of the Dolphin which has paedophile implications as well. murderous-vip-paedophile-ring-at-dolphin-square

Restore Our Future Sounds like some 'Jew' B.S. to me. So called 'jews' seem to think they have to plan out the whole planets future..and it isnt pretty for us non 'jews'. Project for the New American Century

George Soros is a criminal of the worst kind like Hillary so why is JJ Abrams funding these criminals!? Because he has something to hide just like they do. Paedophile criminals stick together. surprise-soros-is-convicted-criminal

And JJ abrams thinks he has the right to tell people to vote for criminal Hillary Clinton clinton-crime-family-exposed 1 million dollars to Clinton campaign!!! surely that is RICO acting status!!?

All the birds in S.O.T. are paedophile codenames. magpie. oyster catcher is code for baby eater. There is alot of paedophile references in all of JJ Abrams works. For instance in the beginning of West World the intro shows an automated piano a reference to Keith-Harding-MPs-Leon-Brittan-Cyril-Smith-Jeremy-Thorpe Keith Harding a paedophile...

Just to be clear the magpie paedophiles seeks to get rid of the age of consent all together!! Magpie_issue_11_May_1978 there is no age too young for the talmudist at heart to rape. if you dont know about paedophilia in the talmud. pedophilia-and-talmud Is this what you want for children!?? These ashkenazi talmudists are funding Childrens Defense Fund and other fraudulent child advocate groups! Do you see a problem yet!?? And They use a Black woman Marian Wright Edelman (jewish) as front to keep it looking innocent but I see through that. We all have to learn to see through their deceit. That means not sticking our heads in the sand. And yes it means work. If you dont know its mostly 'Jews' and paedophiles inserting themselves into all civil rights movements you have some waking up to do. jews-and-civil-rights-movement and isnt it funny that it was the so called 'jews' who ran the slave trade jew-genocide-black-holocaust-slave-trade-jews-named the only reason they insert themselves in the civil rights movement is to gain sympathy because they know all non 'jews' are waking up to all their lies and deceit. The Gay Rights movement is really a Paedophile Rights movement. could-jews-get-any-more-gay

Given what has come out of the wikileaks emails about pizza and ping pong podesta-pedophilia-pizza-ping-pong its interesting that JJ Abrams throws Ping Pong party fund raisers..coach-and-jj-abrams-fete-childrens-defense-fund sure nothings going on there. search.wikileaks.pizza seeing as they are using pizza and food codes it makes sense they use birding code too spokaneaudubon.wildapricot.org/page-281039 whats more perfect cover for paedophiles than bird watching!?? 

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 Ship Of Theseus by JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst
Here we have a MKULTRA dissociative/hypnotic swirl. 
    Vatican White/Yellow. Dissociative Identity Disorder
this is what started it all....

This blog is about exposing the lies and deceit of all things 'jewish' hollywood-babylon-the-inside-story-on-the-occult-empire CIA/MOSSAD and Abrahamic Religions in general. (((All jewish creations.))) hollywood-producer-was-mossad-agent-arnon-milchan-used-hollywood-for-israeli-nuke-projects-arms-dealing, Its important for people to free themselves of the sickness and delusions of degenerate jewish Hollywood, 'Jewish' Abrahamic Religions, and all 'jewish' creations, if anything is to change for the better. 
Jews started hollywood so they can portray themselves 
as poor persecuted victims 
When really it was so called 'jews' who wiped us native americans out (Im half native), out of history and stole this country from us! I grew up never seeing any natives never hearing about them. (WHITE PEOPLE CANT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND HOW THIS HAPPENS) I was taken from my mother by 'jews,' as a baby, who treated me like an animal. Still, I'm grateful that I'm not of the same degenerate inbred neanderthal 'jewish' blood as them. With no impulse control. They failed to 'beat the Indian out of me' so I'm eternally grateful to them for what they taught me. In their own twisted way they made me more resilient. They also taught me:
I know a little how Palestinians feel. Still I dont imagine that I could endure what they are made to go through on a daily basis. I dont expect many people to understand where I'm coming from. Never have. Never will. Our destruction started with this 'jew' Cristobal Colon (100% FUNDED BY JEWS) and all 'jews' getting kicked out of spain he brought to infest the 'new' world in 1492:
So when I hear these 'jew' pigs cry about being holocausted IT ENRAGES ME!  the-jewish-role-in-the-native-american-genocide and who portrayed native americans in early films!? 'JEWS'! They can be as racist and genocidal as they want even tho THEY ARE NOT A RACE AND WILL NEVER BE. All indigenous peoples are terrorists to the so called 'jews' because they have land and resources that the parasitic ones wish to steal for themselves. This is all they have done their whole vile existence. SO CALLED 'JEWS' ARE ALWAYS THE ONES COMMITTING GENOCIDE! also 'jews' ran the salve trade 
Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas

The hollywood agenda, of Jewish manipulation that keeps everyone sick and ignorant, so they can carry on with their disgusting paedophilia and various other activities, HAS TO GO. history-of-the-house-of-rothschild We must counter their by way of deception with By Way of Perception. But that means people doing work, paying attention and taking their heads out of the sand....Im not gonna hold my breath.
So called 'jews' are really inbred neanderthals hiding behind 'religion' that is really a death to human non 'jews' cult. there is no such thing as 'jews'  they are in fact many subraces of converts there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-jewish-race you cannot convert to a religion and become A race and therefore there is no such thing as anti semitism. there-is-no-such-thing-as-anti-semitism this 'jewish' inbred neanderthal HYPOCRISY must stop!  And its up to us atheist 'GOYS'. 

 'JEWS' call us animals when really they are the animals. THEY ARE THE GOYIM! JEWS CAN HATE ALL AND MURDER ALL NON JEWS IN THEIR TALMUD!  IT IS NOT A CRIME TO THEM. The religitards will just keep being led by the nose to slaughter by inbred neanderthals. hillarious when you think about it. especially in this day and age of information at ones fingertips. the jewish PISO family invented jesus and also wrote the koran. they have to create religions to subvert all humans. so many dupes so little time. 
Paedophilia is used mostly for political control through blackmail sexploitation going back centuries. 'jewish' degenerates are constantly normalizing their disgusting behaviours. Soon they will be bored of raping babies  and children whats next!? I SHUDDER TO THINK WHATS NEXT! ITS ALL VERY DISGUSTING. the-jewsuits-and-the-order-of-malta-created-the-hollywood-film-industry I'm really sick of it. And I'm sick of the Mossad false flags we've gone through daily for a very long time now. I'd like to start with JJ Abrams. I started reading his book Ship Of Theseus a few years ago. I've been connecting the dots since. who is straka?
S. the main character says if he were a 'braverman'

Postcard in Ship Of Theseus.
Ship Of Theseus to me is all about paedophiles kidnapping children.  One of the postcards in the book looks to me to resemble Sir Cliff Richards villa in Portugal. sir-cliff-richard-knocks-3-million-off-portuguese-vineyard-estate  Which is close to where Maddie McCann disappeared might-sir-cliff-richard-be-linked-to-madeleine-mccann-s-disappearancecliff- Cliff Richard masquerades as Christian. Evangelicals and Mossad which a lot of paedophiles do now a days. Christianity condones paedophilia and genocide paedophileslovebible anywhere children gather you will find paedophiles. Sir Cliff Richard-top-pedophile-rings sir-cliff-richard-is-next-to-be-outed

The sailors in the S.O.T. all sow their mouths shut. That is a sign of secrecy. S.O.T. is also about darker things like drugs, organ trafficking and child sex slavery. In the book the sailors take children to ships to rape them much like Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard and his Sea Org. Sailors did, who kidnapped children to rape on his ships he sailed around the world in. Which got him kicked out of alot of countries. The Sea Organization And rightfully so. L. Ron Hubbard's son, grandson and great grandson exposed his lies. LRonHubbard

Around the same time I started reading S.O.T. I also became aware that the Manson Murders were faked in part by Roman Polanski to kill the anti-war movement. how-the-cia-used-charles-manson-to-debunk-entire-60s-hippie-movement. I noticed that JJ Abrams looks just like Roman Polanski they have the exact same nose. And same height. You cant hide from genetics. JJ Abrams birthday is even 6/27/66 the day after Rosemary's babys birthday in the book by Ira Levin. Rosemary's Baby Even tho he was born sometime in october of '69. Sharon being 8 1/2 months pregnant at time of Manson murders. There have been other times murders were faked to trigger race wars. Jeffrey Dahmer murders were faked as well. jeffry-dahmer-killings-cannabalism-arch-zionist-hoax The OJ Simpson thing was all fake. Megyn Kelly is Nichole Brown SImpson they rub our goyim faces in their shit! megyn-kelly-is-nichole-brown-simpson-proof-via-hand-vein-biometrics It's problem- reaction - solution. Hegelian dialiectic. WORLD WARS ARE THE JEWS HARVEST
LIAR Polanski the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

JJ has Roman's Widowspeak and nose. 

One day a friend of mine showed  me this picture of mass murderer of millions Genrikh Yagoda who I had never heard of and I recognized Polanski's features in his face. Its a funny world isnt it!?  
Imagine my shock...
Roman and father Jenokh Jahuda a.k.a Genrikh Yagoda (was part of The Okrahana/NKVD)
The Okhrana and the Cheka: Continuity and Change
The Massacre of Generals, Fall of Yagoda 
Yagoda loves to say he only killed thousands. HE KILLED MILLIONS!!! 
genocidal-criminals Cheka was headed by Jew Genrikh Yagoda (Yahuda), who was responsible for the death of about 66 million Russians. Some figures say it was 100 million Russians were killed. Thats just Russians. He killed many Europeans not just Russians. 
"While the Jews had burdened the Western World with the guilt for their alleged 6 million Holocaust and, still up to date, demand millions of Dollars in reparations, they themselves have not acknowledge their own direct guilt in the Armenian, the Russian and the many other mass genocides they perpetrated against many nations throughout history. The Jews give themselves the right to accuse others of genocides but do not allow the others to utter a word about Jewish genocidal crimes or even to investigate the validity of their Holocaust. They use this latest Holocaust story of 6 million Jews (there had been several stories of 6 million Jewish Holocaust in the past) to manipulate and to dictate the foreign policies of European countries and of the US." 

  Genrikh (Henry) Yagoda and son Roman Polanski
 Sharon Tate, JJ Abrams, Roman Polanski and Genrikh Yagoda
Sharon went to hide in Brazil after the faked Manson murders.  She pretended to be Patti Tate and now she pretends to be Debrah Tate. The Manson murders were part of Operation Chaos Manson Murders OPERATION CHAOS It's purpose was to kill the Anti-War Movement. And wouldnt you know Charles Manson was a Scientologist. To me its clear they realized they had a problem with Sharon once she realized that Roman is a Paedophile. PAEDOPHILE POLANSKI Sharon Tate was MKULTRA'd. Sharon-Tate-and-MK-ULTRA
What paedophiles like  Rapey Polanski and Ira Levin want are STEPFORD WIVES symbols-of-mk-ultra-and-illuminati good little stepford wives that dont say anything about their husbands RAPEing children, keeping the house clean and meals ready! 8-movie-predictions-the-directors-werent-expecting thats what 'jews' want total freedom to rape any and all children at any age Jews, Talmud and pedophilia and women who keep quiet about it while sweeping away our liberties. And anyone not ok with paedophilia is being PC! ha. Meanwhile, they have no problem using a child for sexual gratification, destroying, throwing that child away and on to the next no damage done...to paedophiles. just coddling the monsters. which is also why paedophiles are breeding their own kids to rape. more rights for gays right!? and then there is this israel-s-surrogate-war-mexico if that doesnt turn your stomach....

These neanderthal 'jews' think it's funny to trick non 'jews' into wars they create and profit from. If you dont know jews fund all sides of all wars...

There are NO penetrating wounds on any pictures of Sharon! ALL LIES!!!
By this picture below, alone, you can know the manson murders were faked. There would be no colour in Sharon's lips if she were dead and she would not be smiling like that! Har Har. Their pathetic attempts at deception will haunt them. As they should. Not even close to looking dead! Supposedly some 12 hours after the murders!? NOPE!! YOU HAVE TO BE ABSOLUTELY RETARDED TO BELIEVE SHARON WAS KILLED AND ID SAY BEING THAT RETARDED YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR RIGHTS STRIPPED AWAY BY 'JEWISH' SCUM ;) 
 that smile of sharons she knows she is deceiving people! 
Pigs blood smeared on Sharon you can tell there were no real knife wounds.
You can see that blood was smeared on sharon likely by herself. no knife wounds to be seen. and not to mention the splatter pattern she clearly dumped blood on the floor around her. And the void spot is suspicious they say she was stab 9 times or something in the pregnant abdoman..that void spot does not make sense. this is way too clean there would have been way more blood and more bloody prints and footprints there is none of that. 100% STAGED. what makes sense is sharon poured pigs blood on herself and played dead for the photographer. TAKING THE PISS!!

You can even see the containers of blood next to sharon that she used to smear herself with blood. very poorly executed and retards still suck it up.
AND A BOMB BLEW UP IN A MAILBOX SHE WAS TENDING TO!? WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!? WHY CANT I FIND ANYTHING ABOUT THAT ANYWHERE ONLINE!? SURELY SOMEONE WOULD HAVE COVERED THAT!?  BUT NO COS ITS BULLSHIT! SO MUCH FRAUD...Sharon trained with Bruce Lee for the movie The Wrecking Crew. How is that she a pregnant mother can let two skinny little hippy druggy girls tie her up and kill her unborn child!? She didnt. It's all a lie. Is-Sharon-Tate-Really-Dead
    It's all so funny! and notice the woman behind them on the left what is she wearing!?
In S.O.T. there are 5 postcards from Brazil. Brazil being a hub of paedophilia: depraved-town-planet-brazilian-pedophile-mayor-forced-terrified-families-hand-hundreds-girls-gave-mobile-phone-house-silence also Israel Mossad runs Brazil. Mossad in Brazil 
I read Miles Mathis' paper on the manson murders which was very eye opening compared to other things I had read about the Manson Murders.Manson Murders faked So I contacted Miles about my suspicion that JJ Abrams is the son of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanksi. He said if I convinced him he would publish my theory. I mostly held back because my gut told me not to trust him. But he eventually decided to sell the lie about JJ Abrams being the son of Gerald Abrams as wikipedia tells us. http://mileswmathis.com/daisy.pdf 
 But mostly Miles discredits wikipedia. He prefers to debunk science. Plays it safe. Is JJ too big of a fish for Miles Mathis!?? We have to wonder why it is that he decides this time not to discredit wikipedia. And Even tho JJ looks nothing like Gerald Abrams. That paper was followed by a rather strange angry rant about women. Very curious!  All of that tells me Miles(pantsload)Mathis is controlled oppositon. He picks and chooses what he wants to expose. He even admits it. He is like most 'Truthers' out there just making money while they can. They dont care for the Truth anymore than they care about making money. Also Miles Mathis wrote a paper on JFK assassination and no mention of Israel or Mossad. As he likes to say BIG RED FLAG. mossad jfk. He mentions everyone but Mossad miles mathis JFK 
So back to JJ Abrams. As you can see he looks nothing like Gerald Abrams on the right.
JJ Abrams looks more like Roman Polanski than Gerald Abrams
JJ has his mother Sharon Tate's smile. 
 Sharon Tate is pretending to be Debrah Tate 
who was also pretending to be Patti Tate. 
Batshit Crazy. Also a horrible liar. HI SHARON. you will be exposed for the liar and fraud you are. how much of the millions in show trial costs did you pocket!?
JJ Abrams and grandfather Jenokh Jehuda 
His life on wikipedia is a lie (which Miles Mathis endorses). Because the truth is much more horrific and it goes back further from Roman Polanksi to his father Genrikh (Henry) Yagoda a.k.a JENOKH JEHUDA 
 jewish-bolshevik-murderers genrikh-yagoda Genrikh Yagoda Mass Murderer Genrikh (Henry)Yagoda Jews in the NKVD of Stalin's Soviet Union  had a son that had to leave and change his name that name was Rajmund Theirry Leibling. Roman Polanski's assumed name. Yagoda was supposedly shot in the basement of Lubyanka. Ordered by Stalin, who Yagoda had built two failed canals for, killing millions in the process. Lubyanka Sounds familiar!? Kind of like the Labianca murders which was just Roman Polanski laughing at duping us goyim more with more faked murders. All to trigger a race war for the so called 'jews'. 
And given that JJ Abrams directed Regarding Henry. We can assume it was really about his grandfather Genrikh HENRY Yagoda surviving being shot in the basement of Lubyanka. Also "His work often includes plotlines in which pregnant women get kidnapped by mysterious people or groups who eventually turn out to be trying to help the woman and/or her pregnancy--for example, Alias (2001), Lost (2004), Fringe (2008)." Sounds like Sharon Tate no!? Westworld is about Sharon Tate and Monarch Programming.
JJ Abrams was even given the Star Wars films to work on at a young age from someone at Lookout Mountain. kathleen-kennedy-star-wars-interview why was Steven Spielberg so interested in JJ Abrams!? Because he, being a fellow paedophile, was helping fellow paedophile Roman Polanski lookout_mountain_secret_film_studio_in_laurel_canyon_hollywood.html 
Jews if anything like to keep it all in the family.
JJ Abrams is very proud of his mass murdering grandfather which is why Kylo Ren is the spitting image of Genrikh (Henry) Yagoda. He even named his eldest son Henry after him. So sweet right!?? And his father Roman pretends to be a holohoax survivor to get away with rape all these years. holocaust deprogramming course
Yagoda had a poison lab that he used to poison people for Stalin. Poison_laboratory_of_the_Soviet_secret_services They killed anyone they deemed anti'semitic' (which there is no such thing as.) NO SUCH THING AS ANTI SEMITISM Let that sink in. MILLIONS WERE STARVED, SLAUGHTERED AND WORKED TO DEATH IN FREEZING CONDITIONS FOR THINGS THEY MIGHT DO.
The main character in Ship Of Theseus is name S. he doesnt know his name but hes searching for Vevoda..who sounds alot like Yagoda. In star wars there's all kinds of references to Yagoda and to Roman Polanski. nevermind that yagoda when pronounced correctly sounds like YODA. star-wars-8-kylo-ren-knights-kill-clan-castle the castle  in the flashback is the castle in the 9th gate. A tribute to paedophile father Roman Polanski.

I suspect that lesbian paedophile spy Moura Budberg is Romans mother. She helped move spies throughout europe mostly France. She also worked in film. 
Moura Budberg also known as mata hari from Malay mata 'eye' and hari 'day' as a compound meaning sun..she is Sola in Ship Of Theseus. She was close with Yagoda. She spawned a satan with a satan. Yet JJ Abrams wants to finish what his grandfather started is what Star Wars tells us. The man who does reboots of others peoples work just like his father Roman Polanski is going to do that how!? By funding mass murdering child trafficking Hillary Clinton!? Haiti-earthquake-children-sold-by-traffickers. By funding Soros who is stirring up racial hatred and violence in Europe and America!? By making a racist show West World where people can go to a resort and kill natives!?? JUST IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE IF SOMEONE MADE A SHOW ABOUT GOING TO A RESORT TO KILL 'JEWS'!!! By making a cartoon praising jewish racist Margaret Sanger and whitewashing planned parenthoods racist beginnings!?? a-great-piece-of-animation-for-a-great-cause-and-yes-jj-abrams-did-the-music/ jews started planned parenthood to kill the native and black populations Eugenics Jewish Invention but it was mostly white women that were lined up getting abortions. Tells you quite alot about Mr. Abrams....

And its curious that JJ Abrams and wife Katie Mcgrath are cochairs of the fraudulent Childrens Defese Fund that was used by Hillary Clinton to launder money. hillary-clinton Katie Mcgrath who got her start working for paedophile Ted Kennedy in Washington D.C. http://whale.to/b/pedophilia_q.html  who is also listed in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book: here-is-pedophile-billionaire-jeffrey-epsteins-little-black book
which brings me back To Ship Of Theseus the 'author' is V. M. Straka. Straka is czech for magpie as in MagPAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE so the case isnt looking good. it gets worse childrens defense programs

I looked into childrens defense fund and they have set up Freedom Schools where children are being brainwashed to be loyal to israel. The 'schools' look like prisons as well. The Childrens Defense Fund Logo:

How can people not notice the penis in this logo!!?? And the way seais spelt !? Do I have to explain it looks like penis and boat looks like butt and the sun is obviously a butthole!!  These people are clearly sick and laughing at us while making a profit from selling children into sex slavery. The children at these Defense Fund Freedom Schools are being trained to be a loyal army to Israel over America. How is that any way for any American child to have to grow up!?? Especially after Israel has attacked us numerous times. israel-did-911 dancing israelis fbi report THIS IS SICK, HORRIFIC AND WRONG!!!  israels-everyday-racism-and-how-american-jews- While in israel 'jews' of colour other than white are kicked out of israel or have bioweapons tested on them.Isreali Institute Biological Research THIS IS A PROBLEM. 

Nevermind the genocide thats happening to the Palestinians on a daily basis since before 1948. The Childrens Defense Fund videos are very disturbing given whats being exposed with the pizzagate emails investigation. They have the children shooting music videos so that who knows who can be selecting children they want....you can see some children that are really hurting and dont want to participate. Also Katie McGrath and JJ Abrams are in the podesta emails KATIE AND JJ ABRAMS BRIEFING Podesta says "THEY ARE QUITE EASY." Whatever that means.
I find this all very disturbing&APPALLING.  Being half native this absolutely sickens me to see these beautiful hawaiian natives being brainwashed to be loyal to Israel. Do these children know they are the same colour as the Palestinians the Israelis are wiping off the map!? It's irreprehensible. Especially since I have become aware of  the-jewish-role-in-the-native-american-genocide. THEY ARE MAKING AN ARMY OF MOSSAD LOYAL TO ISRAEL! WHO KNOWS WHAT IS BEING DONE TO THESE CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS THAT LOOKS LIKE PRISONS! ISRAEL is the most racist 'nation' but they are sure turning americans to be loyal to israel!
The problem being most americans are not aware that we have dual israelis in our congress. Not only that but all members of congress must sign pledges to israel! There is no other country that has that 'right'. THIS IS A PROBLEM! dual-citizens-in-congress All of congress should be fired on the spot!! ISRAEL ATTACKS US AND SPIES ON US AND PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP TO THAT!!