Tuesday, May 8, 2018


SO this is what SICK neanderkhazar hollywood is up to ramping up the celebrity worship as a way to maintain control of the goyim. Its so sad that there are people that take this trash seriously those folks should be lined up next to celebrities and shot!  
And as the catholic church is getting called out for crimes of pedophilia. And as Trump is pulling us out of Iran deal and the celebrity israel warmongers are pushing for war with Iran after netanyahu lied AGAIN and Israel strikes Syria AGAIN! YOU CELEBRITY LIARS LIKE JAMES WOODS WHO LIED ABOUT 9/11 AND ARE LYING ABOUT IRAN YOU SHOULD BE ON THE FRONT LINES MOTHER FUCKERS! This is all possible because of stupid celebrity worship. Its obvious that Israel is going to attack us and themselves any day now. You dont have anything after your retarded Trump card is played do you Pynchonlanski!? This is going to blow up in your face so good. Oh and where is your boy Jeffrey Epstein!??
 And poor little victim Roman Polanski is threatening to sue the academy...its gonna get messy with that asshole that blames everyone else for HIS OWN PROBLEMS! I have emailed Ron Howard your blog Starless and told him that you are threatening my life and his life. SO we will see what happens wont we!? You put JJ up to writing  Ship Of Theseus YOU ARE TO BLAME! YOU LOVE TO BRAG! When is JJ's next book coming out!? I'd love to know! You thought it would be a great laugh to dupe the goyim...it is funny you dupe stupid fucking wigger scumbag fucks that love your hardcore pedophilic racist garbage and a lowly ignorant piece of shit indian as you would put it figured your shit out! Your books implicate CIA, FBI and Mossad in your child trafficking. What is the protocol for publishing freemason, knights of malta and society of jesus secrets!?? Death surely!?
Oh and happy Pynchon In Public Day! and UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY PYNCHONLANSKI SCUMBAG PEDOPHILE CHILD TRAFFICKER SON OF MASS MURDERER OF MILLIONS GENRIKH YAGODA WHO HAS TO PUBLISH HIS OWN CRIMES! And to all the retarded Pynchon fans wishing him happy birthday you should be lined up and shot too ;) 
Its funny its his 81st birthday when your birthday is 8/18/33
That really is a great quote you stole form your daddy Yagoda/B Traven ask no questions be told no lies that he stole from Charles Dickens you are such a fraud just like your father! See how stupid you are you dont get anyone to ask any questions not even the wrong ones but that doesnt mean some are not capable of asking the right questions you fucking fucktard. YOU love so much bombs being dropped on innocent people when you are the one that deserves a bomb dropped on you and your family and all your KIN!
Also you are surprised that I shared your death threats in my blog!? WHY WOULDNT I!? I KNOW YOU DONT PLAY FAIR SO WHY SHOULD I!? IM NOT A STUPID GOYIM ASSHOLE! You will regret underestimating me.

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