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Ship Of Theseus by Doug Dorst & JJ Abrams 

In S.O.T. the main characters talk about the Boss changing the world in his own image. To me they are speaking about George Soros and Rothschilds. JJ is from a long line of Rothschild double agents. Yagoda, JJ Abram's grandfather, (see prev. blog) was a Rothschild double agent sent to 'work' for Stalin history-of-house-of-rothschild-complete. The so called 'jews' love that Soros is bringing the migrant crisis to Europe. JJ Abrams funds Soros and Clinton and all the damage they bring to the world. A job for Soros and Clinton Rothschilds have too long gotten away with The Jewish Genocide of Europe: Kaganovich, Yagoda, Ehrenburg and Coudenhove-Kalergi

Now you really have to be aware of the 'jews' and their plans for all non 'jews' who they regard as cattle Goyim: Judaism. I call them 'jews' because you cannot convert to a religion and become a race yet somehow the only group that is ignorant (woefully) enough to think you can is the so called 'jews'. Jews are not a race. Can you say generations of inbreeding!?? science-reveals-jews-fantastically-inbred Or is it that they know its bullshit and the stupid goyims, who they keep fighting amongst themselves, with christianity and islam, wont do anything about it!? The Protocols OF Zion is recommended reading which is really a 'jew' rip off of Machiavelli Conversations In Hell. They cant seem to do much thats original. The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. Given they are all clones of eachother. If anything the ashkenazis are inbred neanderthals. The neanderthal hypothesis

Clone wars is about the so called 'jews' 

In S.O.T. they talk about launching a 'black vine' that to me is the refugee migrant crisis funded by George Soros. And 'it all goes back to Calais' that being where most 'refugees' are entering Europe. Israel plays a big role in the migrant crisis they being the ones destroying its neighbouring Muslim countries by using America to do much of its dirty work. Most of the refugees are from the congo not even from war torn Syria like we are being told. israaids-role-in-the-european-migrant-crisis This has been an ashkenazi past time for a long time bringing in Christian and Muslim hordes to do their dirty work. Christianity and Islam being invented by the so called 'jews' islam was created by the jews people need to free themselves from religious deceit as well as hollywood deceit. Jews created christianity. Do you get it!? Given whats going on its vital people wake up to this.

JJ seems to love giving millions to mass murderers without anyone batting an eye. Given he is the grandson of a prolific mass murderer we can understand why. Also Katie and JJ had briefings and met with Hillary because they donated so much money to her as the podesta emails shows. podesta-emails

katie-mcgrath-jj-abrams-family-foundation-los-angeles-grants I'd say all of their foundations need to be investigated. There is also the Malala Foundation that Katie is involved in which is a mossad front. Im seeing alot of mossad surrounding Katie McGrath.

‘Project Malala’: The CIA’s Socio-Psychological Intelligence Operation project-malala-the-cias-socio-psychological-intelligence-operation/ if you arent familiar with Mossad Mossad crimes it was Mossad who did 9/11 Mossad did 911 Mossad Motto: By Way Of Deception Thou Shall Do War. 

MOSSAD : Israeli Secret Intelligence Services I.S.I.S. 

jj-abrams-about-to-enter-munich-segment-of-aping-spielbergs-career "JJ Abrams' Bad Robot has picked up another script for its continuing collaboration with Paramount Pictures. This time it's a well-regarded spec called Wunderkind, and it's about Nazi hunters in the 70s. One is an older guy, a tough Mossad agent from Israel (I guess all Mossad agents are from Israel, huh?) and the other a young guy who works for the CIA (should I mention he's American?). They team up reluctantly, probably to kill Nazis." If ONLY everyone knew the nazis are the ASHKENAZI 'jews' who kill their own and blame it on whoever suits their purposes at the time. Who fund all sides of all wars. 

"One mysterious donor, in particular, is getting attention today. W Spann LLC was formed in March and dissolved in July after making a $1 million donation to Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, NBC News reported." soros jj abrams super pacs Mitt Romney is Mossad his allegiance is with Israel. romneys_allegiance

On the set of a movie with mismatching police uniforms. 

Spann as in Spahan Ranch where the manson family hung out. Also Melcher Media is involved with making S.O.T. manson-murders-motive-melcher Terry Melcher was supposed to be the motive for Manson starting the killing spree. In turning down recording Manson that 'made' Manson want to kill, I mean him 'making' skinny hippie chicks want to kill, Sharon Tate and friends! Yeah sure. Conveniently while Roman was in London filming the Day of the Dolphin which has paedophile implications as well. murderous-vip-paedophile-ring-at-dolphin-square

Restore Our Future Sounds like some 'Jew' B.S. to me. So called 'jews' seem to think they have to plan out the whole planets future..and it isnt pretty for us non 'jews'. Project for the New American Century

George Soros is a criminal of the worst kind like Hillary so why is JJ Abrams funding these criminals!? Because he has something to hide just like they do. Paedophile criminals stick together. surprise-soros-is-convicted-criminal

And JJ abrams thinks he has the right to tell people to vote for criminal Hillary Clinton clinton-crime-family-exposed 1 million dollars to Clinton campaign!!! surely that is RICO acting status!!?

All the birds in S.O.T. are paedophile codenames. magpie. oyster catcher is code for baby eater. There is alot of paedophile references in all of JJ Abrams works. For instance in the beginning of West World the intro shows an automated piano a reference to Keith-Harding-MPs-Leon-Brittan-Cyril-Smith-Jeremy-Thorpe Keith Harding a paedophile...

Just to be clear the magpie paedophiles seeks to get rid of the age of consent all together!! Magpie_issue_11_May_1978 there is no age too young for the talmudist at heart to rape. if you dont know about paedophilia in the talmud. pedophilia-and-talmud Is this what you want for children!?? These ashkenazi talmudists are funding Childrens Defense Fund and other fraudulent child advocate groups! Do you see a problem yet!?? And They use a Black woman Marian Wright Edelman (jewish) as front to keep it looking innocent but I see through that. We all have to learn to see through their deceit. That means not sticking our heads in the sand. And yes it means work. If you dont know its mostly 'Jews' and paedophiles inserting themselves into all civil rights movements you have some waking up to do. jews-and-civil-rights-movement and isnt it funny that it was the so called 'jews' who ran the slave trade jew-genocide-black-holocaust-slave-trade-jews-named the only reason they insert themselves in the civil rights movement is to gain sympathy because they know all non 'jews' are waking up to all their lies and deceit. The Gay Rights movement is really a Paedophile Rights movement. could-jews-get-any-more-gay

Given what has come out of the wikileaks emails about pizza and ping pong podesta-pedophilia-pizza-ping-pong its interesting that JJ Abrams throws Ping Pong party fund sure nothings going on there. seeing as they are using pizza and food codes it makes sense they use birding code too whats more perfect cover for paedophiles than bird watching!?? 

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