Thursday, February 9, 2017


Sure sounds like Haiti to me. 

This brings me to the Kaliko Haiti 'bust' which to me is clearly just to suck people in. defiant-kaliko-beach-uncooperative-child-trafficking-investigation if you actually read these articles you can know that we are being mocked. It says the hotel owner defiant! And why is that!? Because white men set him up and let him take the fall. Now who does that sound like!? MOSSAD. The girls were lured by white men with cake to go to a beach party. The girls were quoted as saying the white men should be arrested too. WHERE ARE THE WHITE MEN!? Nevermind the fact this story actually came out months ago and is just NOW being reported. And being pushed by Glenn Beck who is very pro israel. BELIEVE NOTHING FROM ANYONE PRO ISRAEL!! THEY ARE LIKELY BEING BLACKMAILED BY MOSSAD. haiti-trafficking-ring-busted-story-not-reported-in-crime-syndicate-lying-press ITS CALLED THE LYING PRESS TRYING TO LEGITIMIZE ITSELF!! So people will believe that high profile arrests are on the way!? I DONT BUY IT! THEY WILL JUST BE MOVED ELSEWHERE. PROB TO ISRAEL THE SAFE HAVEN FOR PAEDOPHILES.israel-safe-haven-paedophiles what kind of scum wants to live in a 'country' where paedophiles are protected!? Sick 'jewish' scum thats who..

I was looking into Kaliko and found link to dyncorp..they are a dyncorp front. Making interiors to all kinds of vehicles that can be used for human trafficking. And George Webb wanting to make a hollywood movie about all of this REALLY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE! Are you mocking everyone doing research George!? Do you know how disgusting that idea even is to researchers!? Do you care!? Also there were people with youtube channels with no content on Geroge Webbs channels saying that RetardedRantsofRyan needs help invesatigating Kaliko! BIG RED FLAGS. They want to trap real investigators I'd like to think George Webb is cleverer than that. HOLLYWOOD IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS THEY WILL DELIGITIMIZE EVERYONES RESEARCH. Heres an idea for George Webb why not try Crowd Funding!? The more I hear Goerge hes bringing up Nazis a lot and he wants to go to Hollywood. Do they just plan to blame all of this on Nazis!? Who ARE ASHKENAZI JEWS! they wont tell you that part tho ;)

The youtube channel RandomRantsOfRyan who is an opportunistic bottom feeder with ZERO researching skills and ZERO intelligence. Just exposes what other people have already exposed. Shit like this needs to be flushed. WE are NOT here for youtube views and likes this is SERIOUS! He jumps on this crap and wastes everyones time and energy all just to get attention...I hate to give this asshole views on his videos but you just have to witness his idiocy...mossad love assholes like this guy and christians trumps-big-plan-mossads-evangelicals because they are STUPID! and will believe anything without even doing any research!

WOW were winning right now!? fucking kill me please...WE ARE NOT WINNING!!! I swear Im so sick of this retarded american bullshit!!! This guy couldnt research his way out of a shit filled plastic bag...this guy believes the bullshit false flag crisis actor Ryan Oneal...

I mean to me its obvious this guy Ryan Oneal was given a script on what to say! To scare people from investigating. That's all I need to know THAT HE IS BULLSHIT! CAN WE LEARN NOTHING FROM THE DAILY BULLSHIT FALSE FLAGS!??? but no retardedrantsofryan loves all this attention hes getting. Im doing an investigation into Ryan Oneal I believe he got into some trouble and is doing this as a way to get out of the guy who faked shooting up Comet Ping Pong!! ALL BULLSHIT! Like we see with all the Mossad False Flag patsy's..he is another one of them. And he will be exposed.

AND WHITE PEOPLE THINK THAT Jeff Sessions will bring down the paedo ring!!!!  jeff-sessions LMAO!!! I swear you white people are like the fucking twilight zone. The disadvantage of white people is you actually believe government is there for you! And that goverment will fix government...prob mostly religious idiots too think that jesus will come back and fix everything. All you religious nutbags are Liabilities. Even to yourselves you are liabilities. Just too dumb to know it. All you need to feel safe and secure is a 'white' person in a suit or pantsuit..nevermind that they are so called Talmudic 'JEWS' in those suits! Who want nothing more than to kill all non jews. NEVERMIND THE MILLIONS OF BROWN PEOPLE AMERICA HAS KILLED BASED ON ISRAELS LIES!! YOU WHITE PEOPLE ARE A HINDRANCE AS ALWAYS. WHO DO WE GO KILL NEXT FOR ISRAEL!?? IS ALL YOU CAN THINK OF!? White people you have no future because all you do is kill, cheat and steal lands and resources that arent yours. You have no culture. You just take take take and expect government to fix government.WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!  Reap and you SOW. Ever notice how many US military bases are all over the world. What gives you the right!? you will pay for your transgressions.

While Native Americans all 500 tribes have been ignored wiped from history and relegated to non existence and most white americans are just fine with that. You dont see natives as human. We are the humans you whites are inbred neanderthals why do you think its so easy for you to kill people of colour the world over!? and all done to us will be done to you. YOU are just like all the illegal settler terrorist 'settlers' of 'Israel' stealing Palestine..Jewmerica and Israel have no future!

the-white-savior-industrial-complex the white christians who are prob mossad front need to get out of the natives protests!! Go destroy stuff with the BLM Code Soros bastards. Trump is using Mossad ran Christian groups to Demonize NATIVE AMERICANS!! I knew he would do this. trump-classifies-veterans-at-standing-rock-as-terrorists-sends-secret-fbi-taskforce This is insane hes covering for terrorist Israel crimes of 911 and  hes going to use 'jew' israeli mossad tactics to Demonize us!?? no words.


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