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I mean you just cant make this stuff up. Can he not afford PR!? Oh Roman is above all that PR nonsense I'm sure. Cant teach an old dog new tricks as they say. Is it even possible for this man in his 80's to act anymore like an overgrown BABY!? Well that's about all so called 'jews' can do anyway.  Poor Poor ME the eternal victim...LIE LIE LIE. Even his rape victim Samantha Geimer is chimming in that Roman is the poor little victim...roman-polanski-and-samantha-geimer-want-to-reopen-part-of-case HOW DISGUSTING! SHE IS NOW AN ADVOCATE FOR CHILD RAPE!!!!

I've been doing more research into Thomas Pynchon. Took me a good 4 weeks to get through Against The Day. Its like delving into the unspeakable..that should remain unspoken. Horrific yet Very fascinating and telling nonetheless. I will be writing a paper on that. Too much to go into now.  I also bought the biography by Thomas Kiernan..

Nothing Polanski does helps his case or his life from the time hes a child but who cares when there are big bad evil 'nazis' ((((RUSSIAN JEWS IN GERMAN UNIFORM))) you can blame everything on and blaming your rape victims not to mention all the people surrounding him who got him where he is today praising him and his crimes 
           WHY NOW!?? 
Hes only been living accross from an orphanage 
raping&pimping girls there for how long!? 

So somehow, the US courts, for wanting to punish Polanski for his crimes, of which he has remained a fugitive, are akin to 'nazis'. HE IS LIVING ON HIS OWN DELUSIONAL PAEDO PLANET. He can do no wrong!! In the biography by Thomas Kiernan he talks alot about the 'evil nazis' in Poland who were killing civillians and destroying everything yet somehow Polanski always managed to not get caught. The truth is those 'nazis' were NKVD stalins torchmen STALINS TORCHMEN ORDER #0842  who Roman's father Yagoda was a part of. Stalin did this to make people more willing to be rescued from their 'oppressors'. 
'The so-called "torch-men order" (Fackelmännerbefehl) is the command No. 0428, issued November 17th, 1941 by Stalin. It declares that Russian partisans in German uniforms, particularly those of the Waffen-SS, were to destroy all settlements within a swathe of about 40 - 60 km depth from the main battle lines and to ruthlessly kill the civilian population. With these tactics it was important to leave a few survivors, which would report the supposed German terror attacks. This method of warfare was also confirmed by German soldiers who captured many Russian partisans wearing German uniforms.'

Found in Yagoda's possession after he was hauled off and 'shot' was many pornographic films. I bet those are films Polanski saw that inspired him from such a young age porn-tightly-linked-to-political-violence 
The book also says that his father was allowed to start his own private business in the year '38 (((cohencidentally))) the same year that Yagoda was supposedly shot in the basement of Lubyanka on 15 March 1938. NKVD_crimes_against_humanity
Im sure pappy Yagoda pulled many strings for Roman...
SO much bullshit in this biography it reeks of Polanski writing it himself. He somehow magically got into Film School at Lodz (where Yagoda was from). He only wanted to go to film school to avoid the draft. And he wanted to become a director because he saw backstage goings on prob alot of child raping that he liked and wanted to be a part of. SUCH ASPIRATIONS. 
This Thomas Kiernan biography has alot of one friend says this another friend says that. Things that only Polanski would come up with! I'd guess he's had a few ghost writers that he's prob gotten rid of like in his movie The Ghost..and alot of blaming his rape victims and painting himself out to be THE VICTIM! He even wanted revenge on the mother blaming her for him raping her daughter. It is really sickening I'm having a hard time reading all his garbage. My soul needs a shower afterwards.  But its rewarding in its own way...especfially when he comes out with nuggets like this:
WOW! This vile bastard says The Pill chases away romance!? Just wow where to start with that...and all the people laugh at his disgusting words coming out of his masculates women..yes 'jews' hate that women can actually control their own he rapes girls old enough to even need to take the pill!? But seriously!? WHAT YEAR ARE WE IN!?
 And how can Emmannuelle Seigner sit there and listen to this and laugh!?? Such a good little vapid STEPFORD WIFE. Perfectly vile for Polanski. She brought two children into the world for this degenerate paedo rapist to rape...SICKENING!!! She always looks high as a kite..I guess she'd have to be to put up with his male chauvinist paedo rapey bullshit. 
Her father writes about genocides of natives..
she proudly wears native headdress...this makes my blood boil.
Elvis Polanski looks like a young JJ Abrams...
The excuses paedophiles make...VILE!!

Roman loved Sharon so much he just wanted to be rid her of her nagging pregnant ass. SO he faked her death and her friends the Thomas Kiernan bio he brags that he was getting laid in London while Sharon was being cut up...he also writes about it in Against The Day faking murders for the US government...MANSON MURDERS HOAX

Interestingly on page 245 mentions that in 1973 Roman began hanging out with Adnan Khashoggi the richest arab of them all..who just happens to be MOSSAD! adnan-khashoggi-mossad who was involved in JFK cover up and 9/11 cover up...such a tangled makes sense then in Against The Day Roman loves 9/11 and Americans getting blow up in those buildings feeling so betrayed by the american public and justice system for not letting him get away with raping children...

 HE gives the impression he wants to blow the whole world up in such explosions its really is his FUCK YOU TO THE WORLD. He even mentions Gelitin being a favourite form of explosives..GELITIN being the 'art' group that lived in the twin towers so they could install the explosives that brough the buildings down and america into more war for

Mossad also recruited and blackmailed Josef Fritzl who held his own daughter captive in a hidden basement he made just for that purpose..josef-fritzl-and-mossad they love paedo scumbags like Fritzl & Polanski they can blackmail. 

I know there must be something connecting Polanski to the KRAY TWINS I believe they are also the offspring of Yagoda...and they ran child trafficking rings for high profile celebrities in London around same time Polanski was there...he even writes about Reginald (Reg) in Against The Day...also he mentions in his film What? about being a pimp and in Thomas Pynchon books he brags about pimping out children and raping them in tunnels in Switzerland..really sick and disgusting shit! I will have to write a paper on ATD. I will be going into the genocide of natives that he goes on about in that book as well..

Even tho in most pics of Yagoda they edit out the ridge in his nose...

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