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This poor poor man has been through so much he should just be allowed to get away with raping children or so the media would have you believe. He survived the HOLOHOAX the son of mass murderer Jenokh Jehuda (see prev. posts) He's not having a good enough time raping children from the orphanage he lives across from in Gstaadt Switzerland!? ferienhaus-alpenblick WHO even knows hes been living across from an orhanage/hotel!?? If anyone who didnt have lying jew scumbag media behind them tried to pull this what do you think would happen!?? Nothing like he's gotten away with thats for sure... I've seen way too may articles like this one: will-roman-polanski-with-his-new-film-have-a-good-time-at-cannes "Poor Roman Polanski has had trying times for much of his 83 years. So, when an event like the Cannes Film Festival knocks on his door, one is sure that the renowned Polish auteur would be if not overjoyed, at least reasonably happy that a bright spark or two appears in his life from time to time. His latest movie, Based On A True Story, has been picked by Cannes to be screened at the festival’s second most important section, Outside Competition." It reeks of him giving someone the words to print! 
Just let him rape all the kids he gets 'better' "Beyond all this, one is not sure about the treatment Polanski will get at Cannes. True, he did not face any hostility when he went to the festival in 2013 with his Venus in Fur. But, let us not forget that the world is now getting increasingly intolerant, and this writer saw this ugliness last year at Cannes when Woody Allen’s estranged son, Ronan Farrow, wrote an unflattering article in The Hollywood Reporter about his father’s ‘sexual abuse’. There were some who felt that The Hollywood Reporter should not have carried the story during the festival. The timing was completely inappropriate. Cannes should not be made into a platform for trading allegations and counter-allegations." THE WORLD IS GETTING INCREASINGLY INTOLERANT!!? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?? So they should be allowed to be celebrated at Cannes and nothing else!? paedo thought police much!? SICK!! ADORE OUR HOLOHOAX PAEDOPHILES!
Let me quote from the Thomas Kiernan bio: "Outside the Carlton, it was a trypical balmy Cote d'Azur evening. Thousands of movie people from all over the world-hoi polloi as well as hangers-on-were gathered in Cannes for the annual two-week conclave that is one-part international film fete and infinite parts bacchanal. The off-shore twinkled with the lights of dozens of luxurious yachts. Within as least a few of their state-rooms gorgeous starlets were at that very moment performing sexual acrobatics for the pleasure of aging movie moguls and financiers. Hotels along the Croisette, Cannes' palm-lined, beach-front boulevard. were spilling over the sleek, skimpily dressed women offering instant carnal satisfaction to producers and distributer, directors and actors, anyone of any nationality who appeared to be connected with the movie business." SURE SOUNDS LIKE MOSSAD'S WET DREAM!! 
Mossad are running sexploitation at Cannes...and of course they are providing security even after they threaten to attack cannes themselves..
such a nice little racket they have going. hah one of many! cannes-spends-millions-to-increase-security-amid-rising-terror-threats/ jews dont want anything to do with palestinians at cannes..mossad-may-target-cannes-film-festival just keep it to adoring paedophiles folks! lets keep our investments the paedo rapists safe from the goyim we keep asleep and braindead with all our lies.
Im just so sickened by all of media! Its a detriment to humanity..what's left of it they are eroding with their never ending degenerate filth, lies and psychological warfare! Lets adore the paedophiles who make soul raping movies! Not to mention what Roman Polanski is writing under the name Thomas Pynchon...I bought Mason & Dixon. I still have to write a paper on Against The Day...
It seems to be talking about the Kray Twins right off the bat. j-f-kennedy-krays-freuds-mossad-sex remember the Kray Twins were child traffickers...Im sure that their father Yagoda was sent to london after his fake 'shooting'. And on page 37 there is this paragraph "The Rev only beams. One reason Humans remain young so long, compare'd to other Creatures, is that the young are useful in many ways, among them in providing daily, by way of the evil Creatures and Slaughter they love, a Denial of Mortality clamourous enough to allow their Elders release, if only for moments at a time, from its Claims upon the Attention." Tell me that doesnt sound like Paedolanski..Not so strange that Roman and Sharon Tate had dinner with JFK before his fake assassination...such tangled webs! Of course he is protected..

And of course there was a fake terror attack in cannes involving the group ORAXY..obviously mossad...companys-pr-stunt-causes-panic-at-exclusive-hotel-near-cannes-film-festival.html?intcmp=hpbt2 they just want people to fear fear fear dont think for yourselves we'll do it for you...last-transit-of-mercury

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