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A Pure Formality Synopsis

"Onoff (Depardieu) (looks like Yagoda offspring as well) is a famous writer who is now a recluse. The Inspector (Polanski) is suspicious when Onoff is brought into the station one night, disoriented and suffering a kind of amnesia. As the head of an isolated, rural police station the Inspector tries to establish events through careful interrogation and deduction. By painstaking inquiry, he clears up a mysterious killing and brings the writer a new and strange realisation."

The beginning of A Pure Formality starts with a man being shot and running through the woods at 1.46 he comes across a ship in the woods a tribute to B. Traven's Deathship and the man has no ID on him so he is taken in for questioning also a tribute to Traven's Deathship...
At 3.33 he goes through a gate 3+3+3=9=9th gate.
On page 334 of Mason&Dixon it mentions middle point which is Ideal Point he talks about in Pure Formality which I will get to...all through Mason & Dixon he writes about the Jesuits and Society of Jesus we can safely say Roman Polanski is a part of....jewsuits and he loves to make a mockery of the genocide of us natives and portray us as disrespectful, rebellious and treacherous! hah sounds like you're talking about you jewsuits to me Polanski! NATIVES DISRESPECTFUL!? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! YOUR STUPID INBRED ROTSHIT BRAIN MUST NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT RESPECT IS! JEWSUIT CUNT! I SWEAR IF I EVER SAW YOU POLANSKI  WOULD RIP YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF! YOU FUCKING JEWSUITS TREACHEROUS CUNTBAGS ARE DISRESPECTFUL TO THE WHOLE WORLD! YOUR WHOLE FUCKING EXISTENCE!!!
The security guards are dressed like NKVD.
At 10.34 Polanski makes his entrance..over acting his part as usual. Very annoying to watch. But thats the whole point with Polanski mind fucking one point he says what brings to you to this WASTELAND!? a reference to T.S. Eliot.
At 13.00 he tells us his name is Onoff sounds like PynchON no!? To which Roman replies that he is Leonardo DaVinci...hahahah.
Then DaVinci starts reciting Onoffs books as he has them all memorized he is his favourite writer (of course)..clearly its roman sucking off his own ego. DaVinci says he reads book after book after book well so do I DaVinci ;) haha im sure you dont like the taste of your own medicine...
The Palace of Nine 9th Gate. They also speak about Insomnia which is a common theme in Pynchon..I'd imagine you have a hard time sleeping Polanski. What things must you say at night in your sleep!?
Anyway, this is most of the movie, Polanski telling himself he's a genius...
Polanski/Pynchon has a thing about Shadows it being on nearly every page or every other page. I'll have to go through and count how many times he uses each of his books. These jesuit freaks love darkness and hiddenness. Also there is 9th Gate Book Of Shadows. Which is why I'm very suspicious of the Starless O Shadowtail...who knows how many MKultra assassins Polanski is training at orphanages that he runs!? Which he tells us in his Pynchon books. And Starless O Shadowtail is writing a blog about killing people and is harassing me...

"Sioux: I would only kill a few Ninja/Predator style… through out the night… Then I would just casually snipe out the escapees with a rifle on the life boats in the morning light. Just the ones who deserve it… You have to leave a few survivors otherwise what’s the point? There would be no one left to tell the story…”
You would do that Polanski pit native against native. Sioux against Sioux as much as you write about GENOCIDE OF NATIVES all through Pynchon. 

Also suspicious they think I'm some Swami. He wouldn't really bring attention to me or my blog now would he Polanski!? Starless goes on about Arrested Development being about him...there is also a Mark Thomas Polanski that works on that show...the show is very Pynchonesque...did Polanski write that show too!? 
Anyway back to a Pure Formality at 42.13 there appears a blue van much like Yagoda's black vans they used to cart away bodies at night. There is also a blue van in Westworld, which Polanski also writes, which he tells us in Vineland...Onoff tries to escape a couple of times times saying that he cant remember what it was he did why he was running away...
Pynchons 'wife' Melanie Jackson was his agent...
"Two parallel lines can never meet. Nonetheless, it is possible to imagine the existence of a point so far out in space, so far into infinity that we can admit and acknowledge, that two lines do in fact meet there. So it is. We shall call this point the Ideal Point."
Onoff tells us that he got into the habit of taking pictures of everyone he met. Sounds like something Yagoda probably did..two duffle bags of photos he misplaced somehow yet the police were able to find them...
Seems to be a common theme in Polanski movies. Photographic hints. He's taunting us...are those all his victims or his fathers victims!??
It really is a competition with neanderkikes who can kill the most goyim.
At 1.20.32 he hands Onoff his own copy of his book...Please don't stain it he says. The armoire is a common theme too. Where papers are stashed that have no writing on...well I don't want to spoil the whole movie...
Haha I know this feeling. Onoff says he took the words of a bum called Faubin which sounds like faust or fabiansociety and pieced them together and published them in 'The Palace Of Nine Frontiers' did Polanski steal the work of a bum and publish as Thomas Pynchon!? or is that a reference to Polanski's ghost Wanda Tinasky pynchon/wanda who was supposedly a bum that lived under a bridge. In The Ghost the two ghost writers before Ewan's character somehow end up dead...
Yes I wonder how many potential victims does Polanski/Pynchon have!? The list could be immense... 
He's taunting us again Pynchon is known to be a recluse. Pynchon did go to Mexico city to meet with his father B. Traven/Yagoda. He even jumped out of a window to avoid being photographed by a photographer that was tracking him down...thomas-pynchon
Onoff shoots himself so we are led to believe that he is dead during this interrogation...its begins to rain after he shoots at the end the Inspector Leonardo DaVinci tells Onoff how brilliant he is and lets him go. I guess Polanski does like happy endings after all...
A HAPPY ENDING FOR HIMSELF AND NO ONE ELSE. NEWS FLASH POLANSKI: THIS IS WHERE  YOUR OWN NIGHTMARE TRAMPLES YOU. Here's a nice thought for you to meditate on Polanski you heard of Son of Sam law!? Suppose someone can link you to Thomas Pynchon through handwriting analysis or any other number of methods...what would you think of the proceeds of your books going to all your many victims!? the victims at your orphanages!? think on that ;) 
F = m a bitch! 

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