Wednesday, March 7, 2018


So Im getting more threats by Starless who I know is Roman Pynchonlanski. He's written in his Thom Young books how he pretends to be young boys to trick young girls online and this is what he is doing with me and this idiot gave too much away so I know its obviously him. That's what this retard does and he thinks he is so clever. He thought in using some Native guy persona that calls out Polanski (AN ACT) that I would be open to giving him my address and that didnt work so he just keeps threatening me with a cheap katana. I knew from the first comment he left on my youtube it is Polanski himself. He said isnt it exciting Polanski himself could be reading your blog!? Maybe try to not suck yourself off while pretending not to be you retarded old fuck ;) But you cant help yourself can you!? And he said my thoughts and deeds are creating shapes in the shadow front. Also that he has a typewriter that types lovely letters...who would want to use a type writer unless they were trying to hide their handwriting like Polanski obviously would!? Not very smart asshole. Oh and that I dont know what magic I'm meddling with...and that I need to learn boundaries blah blah blah. 


And he used his blog to try to figure out where I am and still cannot. LOL.

Who else would be so threatened by me and my blog BUT ROMAN PEDOLANSKI!!?? haha playing you like a fiddle brah. What I have gathered from reading Polanski's biography's is that he doesnt think things through. Neanderkikes really arent capable of that their inbred brains are shit. It is ingrained in them to lie, cheat, steal, murder, RAPE and get away with it. And if you dont like it, oi vey, you're 'anti-semitic'. Well I want to do what I can to put an end to that BULLSHIT. For neanderkikes everywhere. They have never had to think about the consequences of their's up to humanity to change putting their feet to the fire.

Starless Golightly

Mar 5 (2 days ago)

to me 

This is the knife that will kill you 

---------- Forwarded message ---------- 

From: Ronin Katana <> 
Date: Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 6:24 PM 
Subject: Your Ronin Katana Order Confirmation (#8660) 
Shipping Address 
Starless Betide 
Lethbridge, AB, Alberta T1J 0r7 
Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #2 
1 $65.00 USD $65.00 USD 
Subtotal: $65.00 USD 
Shipping: $24.00 USD 
Grand Total: $89.00 USD 
A $65 Katana sword wow I'm so Scared!! Cheap date huh!? LOL you'll need your money for your hospital bills you come at me with that bullshit asshole! HE cant even figure out where I live and he thinks I'm a crip and Donald Trump LMAO! I'd love a visit from you retard....also Im sure Pynchonhlanski is not happy that I'm trying to turn his ghost Joshua Nilles against him...yes I am fucking kicking the hornets nest! People can also read Joshua Nilles twitter feed and read how much Pynchonlanski hates america and soldiers and he wants them to die and he wants millions for wrecking the middle east.

'Holy Fire is a 1996 science fiction novel by cyberpunk writer Bruce Sterling. It was nominated for the British Science Fiction Award in 1996,[1] and for both the Hugo and Locus Awards in 1997.[2]

Holy Fire is the story of an old woman who has gained a second youth—in a world in which radical life extension is available through highly intrusive technological means—and who has an ontological transformation as a result.' 

lol these pigs think they can cheat death...and the consequences of their actions. Reminds me of that movie where a mass murderer can jump from body to body. Thats what these freaks can do know...with neuro technology. Also reminds me of Being John Malkovich which I have rewatched and I'm sure Pynchonlanski wrote it...the VERY pedoey ending tells me so.

Who knows how many MKultra assassins head of CIA/FBI/MOSSSAD Polanski is in control of. This Probably makes me sound insane but I have proven most of what I say is true and by his own works! Keep threatening me if I see that face anywhere near me it will be in a world of hurt. I know its you coward pig Pedolanski. Killing me wont erase the truth I have uncovered... 

If you ask me there needs to be a law against Ghost Writers if you have to use a ghost writer to write something, especially hardcore pedophilia like Pynchonlanski here, that you wouldnt publish under your own name...that is a problem!
Alas, a world ran by filthy pedo neanderkikes...


MISERABLE RETARDED OLD FUCK!! But obviously I scare you. ;) 

Look at you! lmao fucking pathetic. I can tell there is so much hatred in that household. Does your wife and daughter know you write about raping her, your daughters friends and your son!?? What you write about your family shows you clearly have no regard for them WHATSOEVER! They are just there to make you look normal not like the mass murdering pedo human trafficking fag you are. And to think there are pedos world wide jerking off to that!? Emanuelle certainly doesnt seem to mind she just wants you for your fame, money and the drugs. Its in her face. My my you certainly have made a mess for yourself. 
But thats all you can do.



Goddamn it gives me chills the shit storm that should be coming for you. You are the most disgusting creature to ever have to your father Yagoda of course. 

You make me laugh old man. I will smash anything you send to me! I've had a thought about making a how would you kill Polanski series...I was dreaming about hanging his filthy little old man carcass from meat hooks, pelting him with golf balls, cutting his dick, balls, hands and feet off so he couldnt molest or rape any children or write about it ever again! Of course tying it all off so he wouldnt bleed out. Keeping him alive for torture as long as his miserable carcass would allow. And, of course, his family would be hanging there being tortured along side him. I dream of many ways of torturing him. Send a swarm of African migrants to Gsaadt so they can storm Polanskis house and rape him and his whole family. Though he would probably like that his Pynchon novels coming true. Guess I've read too much Pynchon. 
I think many would want to tear you limb from limb once they can put your face to the filth Thomas Pynchon/Thom Young/Joshua Nilles writes.

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