Sunday, April 29, 2018


 Again all of this is in his Thomas Pynchon books the blackmail sex cult and Allison Mack links to Jeffrey Epstein who is, not surprisingly, still absent from media...and the fact that his island was supposedly burnt also missing from media. Allison was at Richard Bronsons mansion which is close to Epsteins trying to recruit him into the blackmail sex cult. Where oh where is Jeffrey Epstein!?? MASSIVE MOSSAD COVER UP UNDERWAY. Whats new!?
She looks like she could be a sister of JJ Abrams with that nose and very Sharon Tate looking. (Speaking of JJ it must really burn you that he donates millions to that witch Hillary Clinton!? Or prob not you guys do play all sides dont you!?) Allison is likely one of Pynchonlanski's shadow children. She could have come from one of his MANY orphanage/child brothels in Europe where he impregnates little orphan girls. 
So thats why FBI raided Michael Cohens office to take all the Epstein documents, 'burnt' his island and Pedopohile Rudy Guliani is somehow going to end the Mueller investigation by holding the Epstein blackmail tapes up to Trump to keep him in line.
The Rothschilds are just trying to scare celebrities who are going to be more and more forced into blackmail sex cults to keep control of them by weaponizing them even more. CELEBRITIES ARE THE SCOURGE. 
They are a very useful weapon against humanity and humanity will never be able to wake up to that. Mack is supposedly 'singing' how she sold kids to Clintons and Rothschilds so she will be fake sacrificed. Oh Roman I dream every time I go to sleep of what is coming for you are as Starless whinging how you are the victim lol 
Again we see the tried and true ashkenazi tactic of demonizing others for doing what you do ;) It's like you're speaking about yourself. HE and his kind!? Well I think that Ron Howard is nowhere near EVIL as you are! HE would surely want to do something about a nuiscance like you that has exposed himself by publishing his crimes and wont accept responsibility for his own actions. You clearly wrote the show Arrested Development asshole...yeah noone believes you or listens to you...and nor should they you are all lies and your lies will come crashing DOWN ON YOU!!!! lol I can see your mother Maura Budberg soaking peas in her urine to feed to you split-PEE-soup LMFAO! that must be where you creepy pynchonian food fetish began! you filthy inbred kike fucks.
Yes, tell us about your brother Freemasons and the oath of secrecy that must not apply to you right!? You gave away a mountain of evidence that can be used against them under the name Pynchon REMEMBER!? You must be shitting yourself its so lovely to watch you squirm you impotent old asshole. This is another sign that its you Roman your inability to accept the consequences of your actions. I figured it all out because of your son JJ Abrams writing Ship Of Theseus and YOU. You have noone else to blame so stop blaming RON. And if I figured it out it means others can figure it out as well. Escpecially if I publish or if anything happens to me before I publish.
I really hope they off you soon. Which is why I daily email the FBI/CIA ;) 
See in all you do you only expose yourself more because you cant help yourself. I see the Pynchon references to yourself in all you write lmao ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT as Thomas Polanski, PARKS AND RECREATION, THE SIMPSONS, A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS to name a few. ALL THE FUCKING SHOWS YOU WROTE WILL HAUNT YOU! YOU DID IT ALL TO YOURSELF. Maybe I should really write Ron Howard...about what I know..I havent even started with you yet. Only I can unleash such a HELL ON YOU. Oh and look what Ron Howard has to say about his Solo Star Wars lol 
yeah that must really burn you too...
I'm sure he knows that you Roman Polanski wrote Star wars ;) 
Again thanks for pointing me in the right direction Starless Polanski ;)  Ron Howard is so much better than JJ ABRAMS CRAP!! please save us from JJ Abrams and Roman Polanski Ron howard!! Aww hes making fun of you
lmao gimme Ron Howards email address!?? Gawd there is so much COMEDY gold there between you and Ron will go great in my books. You been riding Rons exhaust for a while huh Roman!?
aww and here is Ron with your girlfriend Natalie Portman xD Who says she wont go to Israel to accept award but is still accepting the 2 million...
Natalie Portman liar hypocrite dual israeli mossad zionist whore lol 
We also see another whore of babylon Kate Middleton's tribute to fellow child trafficker  Rothschild Roman Pynchonlanski wearing Rosemary's baby's dress. I see you flexin Roman lol. And we saw Pynchonlanski Rothschilds using HAARP in ISRAEL and Israeli mossad chief detained/blackmailed with killing/sacrificing Teens.

'Israeli police said they had detained a head of an institute who organized a desert trip for teenagers in which 10 people were killed – on suspicion of being negligent.' Yeah nothing fishy there..oh there was also another false flag fire in 33 floor of Trump Tower in Baku where Romans father Genrikh Yagoda helped the Rothschilds drill for oil and diamonds...
Sec. of State Q/Mike Pompeo is in Israel licking his bosses arseholes scheming ways to start war with Iran. Vowing more american lives in war for Israel. Wish I could see the mossad tapes on him. It really must be so frustrating trying to set off WWIII and failing even tho you have everyone dumbed down so fucking much 
YOU STILL FUCKING FAIL!!! LOL its funny there is even a little battle between Pynchonlanski's CICADA3301 and Q. So pathetic.

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