Wednesday, April 4, 2018


 How in your face can this bullshit get!? 
I'm drowning in Pynchonlanski NYXMARE BIZARRO world...
This MKultra false flag at jewtube headquarters is right out of Pynchonlanski's Vineland where Zoyd Wheeler dresses in drag and attacks a TV station so he can keep getting his disability checks. Which was what Romans siblings the Kray twins would do play crazy so they could get disability. I guess being child traffickers wasnt enough. I'm getting closer to losing my mind carrying this all on my own. Seeing him everyfuckingwhere...
While the maestro-pedo-sandman Son Of Yagoda himself picks up an award in Poland for his holohoax propaganda film The Pianist...
I started watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events because I saw a few parents of kids watching the show nonchalantly pointing out the Pynchon references...and no doubt that is also written by Pynchonlanski. Very heavy with MKultra programming directed towards children! The sinister hatred, abuse of orphans and tunnels that connect the orphans house to 665 Dark Avenue. 666 5th Avenue being the building Kushner tried to buy to rebuild...and the building where lucent technologies resides. 
Lucifer was Lucius Calpernius Piso who wrote the new testament. The-Piso-Family-NT  Jesus Christ was Josephus Calpurnius Piso FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS WAS REALLY ARRIUS PISO 
IT IS ALL DECEPTION. A TRAP. They masquerade as dark&light. Lucifer symbolizing their control of everything through RFID chips which are what Pynchonlanski/Rothschilds want. They want a cashless chipped society.  At one point the children make pasta puttinesca which means whore much more Pynchonian can you get!? kiddiewhoresmakingpasta. There is alot of how they keep the child sex slaves in line by making them kill eachother and other mkultra tactics of brainwashing.
 It makes me so angry and watch.
It amazes me NO parents seem to be the slightest bit mad or upset about this writer of hardcore pedophilia being directed at children...and has been for a while. 
Just shows how far gone EVERYONE IS! 
I took other screenshots with very communist mkultra messages 
 like it takes a village to raise a child and the children end up being slave labor for the village...wasnt that Hillarys line too!? but I cant be bothered to upload them...there is alot of twin imagery...also there is a scene where they use a laser to start fires in houses like happened in California.
It's not illegal to auction off children on the Dark Web (avenue) they mean. 
I noticed this sign was prevalent 
in A series of Unfortunate Events.
I thought it was interesting in one scene at the Red Herring Diner they mentioned Donner party of 5 and I just saw this...“Are you ready to see Wonderland?” 666 5th Ave and THE CABAL.  

'And he also implies that the Communists in Russia “faked” their own demise at the end of the Cold War.'  They sure did and I can can prove sounds like Jared Kushner is posting...they are talking about how the RFID chips burn people...thats what Joshua Nilles (one of Polanski's vessels) was always saying he had a wire burning his face thats in his jaw...Joshua Nilles got his twitters suspended because he was calling Obama nigger...but he can brag about millions of lives, in the Middle East, hes taken that's just fine. Funny in censoring everyone neanderkhazars end up censoring themselves! ahahahaha FUNNY AS FUCK.
Both CIA fronts. One that I know Pynchonlanski is involved in is Ford Foundation.
We also see Roseanne Barr, who cries for mossad to protect 'jews' in america, has alot of MKultra&mossad propaganda in her wonder she wants mossad pedos in all schools so they can better traffick I mean protect children.
25 Millions viewers...there is no hope for this world until all 
celebrities are dead and hollywood is gone.
Roseanne wearing MKultra purple shirt that says 'She who must be obeyed...' its mostly stupid 'jew' whores and retarded goys that watch her show anyway...and they cry about wanting protection when they program children the world over to want to be child sex slaves...NETLFIX is unreal the amount of mkultra child sex slave programming/grooming it has...its sickening. I see many shows written by Pynchonlanski Hemlock Grove is another one. 
In Hemlock Grove the main characters name is Roman and he's vampire. There's a Project Ouroborus where they are attempting to make themselves immortal and transfering their consciousness to other vessel's like Pynchonlanski does with his ghost writer vessels.
One last MKultra child slave programmer I'd like to point out...
Will Smith, who loves to kiss his son jayden on the mouth on daytimeTV, brazenly pimping out kids on Instagram...or should I say parents are feeding their children to him who are 'selling him' BrownBoysLemonade...and he wears overalls like its some BDSM shoot...
Are you fucking kidding me!? 
As if thats not bad enough you can hear Will Smith 
orgasmically drinking the lemonade...
WILL SMITH PLEASE DRINK OUR BROWN BOYS LEMONADE....their parents should be locked up but if that was the case there would need to be way more jails and the legal kidnappers CPS would end up pimping them out anyway. So just let parents pimp their kids out to celebrities. Im fucking done! Its easier to just leave this world than to expect anything to change. It's not a fair fight. Never has been...

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