Thursday, May 17, 2018


Have you seen this man? 
2 years after the unabomber manifesto came out in '95 Mason & Dixon came out in '97 and there are many clues in that book. Which I think I will keep to myself since no one cares. As much as Pynchonlanski jizzes himself over people being blown up...this makes sense.Ted hated technology like Pynchon and Polanski who smashes technology in all his films. Also using the postal service to terrorize is in Crying of Lot 49. The unabomber manifesto immediately reminds me of the Tengri137 manifesto. And racism towards natives and blacks...its all there. oh and praising BOLSHEVISM. Unabomber sent bombs disguised as books in the sick fuck. That's shit soviets and mossad do...
SON OF YAGODA'S MANIFESTOIndustrial Society and Its Future
 It's all an extention of Operation CHAOS. I get tired of connecting all the dots and noone is listening. Of course you hate technology you disgusting fugitive pedophile child trafficker because it exposes your crimes. lol just like your daddy B. Traven/Yagoda who cried about wanting to keep his crimes private. 
AWWW YOU POOR POOR THINGS!! It's so hillarious when these neanderkhazar fucks cry about technology and wanting rape, pillage and kill all the children they want!! LMFAO. What would you do without technology!? HOW would you make&share your kiddie snuff porn then and traffick children without technology!? Only you mass murdering child trafficking child rapist pedo fugitives get to have technology right!?? HOW will you control the world without technology fucktard!? You crack me up...
Like Roman Pynchonlanski's ;)  I can tell you are disguising your handwriting a bit...but not much.Thanks for all the handwriting samples you left Polanski. SO many bullshit Pynchonlanski psyops...
Parks & Recreation a hint towards Pynchonlanski who wrote Parks & Recreation...
I'm reading the manifesto and it reads like typical racist fascist ignorant paranoid Pynchon. You are so pathetic! How many times can you tell on yourself!?? haha you must have the worlds record! So I'm going to start illustrating Pynchon its going to be a huge undertaking so I've been putting it off...but I need to do this. It will be epic.
SON OF MASS MURDERER OF MILLIONS YAGODA MORE LIKE. He mentions Wicker King Wicker which the Unabomber also about that!? It refers to Rev. Wicks Cherrycoke in Mason & Dixon.
SON Of Sam Handwriting similar to Polanski also.
Starless continues his pathetic insults. Of course I had to point out to him that no native would make fun of another native about FAS. Who other than racist Pynchonlanski would make fun of baby natives that have FAS...which I didnt I was lucky. One of the many ways you tell on yourself brah. Oh and Pynchonlanski Starless thinks I'm Quentin insulting! And please send some gang bangers my way and see what still cant even find me asshole ;) I stand corrected Wow you actually figured out where I am fucking using his blog to figure out where i am.
Impermeable fortress of illusions....hahahaha for once he speaks some truth. Writing about your own false flags the tate hoax the jon benet ramsey murder in which you employed her father Montagraph...DOESNT MEAN SHIT ASSHOLE!!!!! hahahahah Again you fucking retard I use the number 737 because Zillah Noir equals 737 holy fuck NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU CUNTBAG. LMAO he says I threatened him first but of course the stupid fuck doesnt save the emails BUT I DO! I SAVE EVERYTHING YOU SEND ME. I think I will make all his emails public...

'For a while now I have been fighting online with an individual who calls herself “Zillah Noir” variously known as “{X} Zillah Nior”/“Zillah Iktomi Noir” and most recently “Shadowless Nior”… Zillah is apparently a real person by the name of Halli Brown from Burlington Vermont. However with the adoption of her latest moniker “Shadowless Noir” it’s become all too clear she is merely been devised as a foil against my online presence.' Yes I changed it to Shadowless to fuck with you...BECAUSE YOU ARE FUCKING WITH ME.

'My reason for writing this is article is not to expose anyone… as if anyone would cares about me anyhow…It’s not even meant as response to what she wrote on her blog about me. My reason for writing this is because I compared her persona with a picture of a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome… and I want to be clear that I am not taking this back, nor am I necessarily apologizing for this -namely because I am still unconvinced Zillah Noir is a real person. I am writing this because I want to make clear that I don’t harbor any negative feelings or prejudice to anyone who has been affected by fetal alcohol syndrome. My tribe like any American Indigenous tribe has suffered the effects of alcoholism and the myriad of social issues that go along with it. I myself was likely drunk when I wrote that to her so my childish and inebriated response’s should not be taken seriously. This is however no excuse. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is no joke and I was wrong to use that as a negative even if it was against a troll and not a real person.' HAHAH you are so easy to trip up everything I say to you I say for a purpose. lol playing you like a fiddle brah. YOU FUCKING RETARD. Yeah you're so pure and noble fucktard lol and you still post the picture after having said you were drunk when you insulted me like that...YOU STARTED YOUR BLOG TO TRY AND FIGURE OUT WHERE I LIVE SO YOU CAN SILENCE ME AND I HAVE ALL THE PROOF LMAO! YOU CONTACTED ME FIRST! AND FIRST THING YOU SAY TO ME IS ISNT IT EXCITING POLANSKI COULD BE READING YOUR BLOG!?
 hah The Undoing Of Quentin Tarantino...its clear that you wrote Hateful 8 also Pynchonlanski stop with your pathetic lies. 

'I have no idea what I might do now. I am actually glad to be rid of my humanity. Humans are universally treacherous and morally wretched. Everyone has their breaking point and I think I may have reached mine. After I watched the movie I spent three days in bed and lost the job I had.' 


'The name MF Super 8 is a comment on the medium of film but it is equally based on a description of the apocalyptic angel named Apollyon/Abbadon in the Book of Revelation. Apollyon is described as having seven monstrous heads and one normal one; his form described as constantly changing from one to the other. My rendering of Apollyon’s heads are as follows: Abel, Krishna, Judah, Narmer, Miyamoto Musashi, Per Yngve Ohlin and myself Starless Betide, the additional eighth is a made up character named Sioux, who is based off of Sharon Tate’s baby.' 
It's funny that your son JJ Abrams Sharon Tate's baby did that film Super8 and its funny that in the EOTVOS wheel in Ship Of Theseus by JJ Abrams the word SIOUX use all your films and false flags to feed on people like the fucking ashkeNAZI vampire you are. Keep exposing your own lies retard.
AND do I look like I have FAS ASSHOLE!??? 
Still would be better than being an inbred
 Rothschild neanderkhazar impotent pedophile fucktard.
 Interesting you send me this video..
IS THIS YOUR CURRENT CRUSH PYNCHONLANSKI!? Nice Pedo really cant help yourself can you!? hahahaha so fucked.


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