Tuesday, June 5, 2018


As soon as I heard it was fracking that caused volcano eruptions in Hawaii&Guatamala 'jews' and Israel came to mind. They are the ones selling the land that isnt theirs to fracking companies. They are trying to sink California. I wish they would..drought-causes-moon-valley-lookout-mountain-golf-courses-stop-irrigating-with-drinking-water
Forget it Jake its fucking chinatown bitch lol California sucks.
THIS SHOULD PISS YOU OFF!! 'JEWS'/ISRAEL ARE GONNA FRACK THE WHOLE WORLD TO DEATH!! What else do you need to know to make you realize they must be wiped off the face of the earth!?ALL OF THEM!! If they trigger enough volcanos they can start a mini ice age! 
DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!? YOU ALL DIE! And thats prob the best thing that can happen this whole fucking planet dying because of some fucking inbred neanderkhazar pigs. NO wonder they must make it so you cant even mention the word Israel anymore! This is their grand scheme to ruin the world and you all just lay down and take it.  You deserve to die. will-the-jews-destroy-the-world YES THEY WILL AND LAZY FUCKTARD GOYIM WILL SIT THERE CHANGING CHANNELS! FUCK YOU ALL! USELESS FUCKS!!! 
 How many countries is Israel going to be allowed to wreck!?  Israeli Owned Geothermal Company that Possibly Fracked Hawaii Volcano to Life has 80 of these Plants. 

This is how Israel blackmails the whole world!!

So when are we gonna start kicking out all so called 'jews' to Israel!?? Israel trying to make it so you cant photograph them or criticize israel who is committing all out genocide! you fucking retards see anything wrong with that!? I wonder how close the volcano eruptions are to JJ Abram's Freedom School where he is trafficking children brainwashing them to be loyal to Israel. Mossad has been wreaking havoc in Hawaii & Mexico for a long time. 
Also as I've pointed out Roman Polanski's mass murdering father Genrikh Yagoda/B. Traven was hiding in Mexico City until his death in 1969 with the help of CIA! They placed him in schools where he could carry on trafficking, abusing, murdering children and even had a son of his installed as president in Mexico. Mexico is run by 'jewish' neo bolsheviks. Same as Jewmerica. And where is Jeffrey Epstein!??
B. Traven/Genrikh Yagoda wrote about trafficking children 
with his son Roman Polanski in Mexico. 
It's also interesting about this child trafficking ring in Arizona that Jonathan Rothschild is mayor of Tuscon...www.casadelosninos.org also in involved in child trafficking in Tuscon.
Carlos Slim is invovled in Cemex. So will they mention that he is Mossad!?? Nope. That's how you know the Veterans On Patrol is a Mossad psyop. They thought this would be a nice little distraction or smear campaign but IT WILL BACKFIRE INSTEAD! 
 Cemex was in competition with Israel (though they say now they werent) to build the wall thats why this is coming out now. They said they would provide materials for the wall a week later they were under DOJ investigation. All of this also serves as an extension of Operation Chaos to scare people from investigating child trafficking. These bunkers connected by tunnels...also SOS Children's Villages is involved with CEMEX.
SO sickening they use HAARP to induce these tsunami's so they can freely traffick children and as I have said before its always IsraeAID sending 'AID' first.  Kanye West debuts his low income housing!? lol more like mossad low income housing. Again this is all out of Thomas Pynchon novels! What are you freaks that read Pynchon reading just the hard core pedophilia bits so you can wank to it!?? I swear to fuck you Pynchon fans have a rude awakening coming. Assholes.
I can feel the noose getting tighter around Pynchonlanski's neck! ahahahah These commie bolshevik fucks will pay for their crimes and collapse under the own corruption. The whole world will.
More coming out about Weinstein...RICO is mentioned. 
That should be Roman Polanski too being RICO acted!! 
Just slit your wrists already Polanski.
A Marxist Ginsberg Pavlovian Dog Howl - Blackbird9 Podcast
On a final note Trump doesnt know the national anthem! lol and how many jewmericunts dont either and just mumble along to it anyway!?

Trump hosts 'celebration' after canceling Eagles visit.
LOL more like to prove patriotism is a JOKE!! HAHA what better way to celebrate jewmerica by being a retard! You gotta stand but you aint gotta know the words! lol Trump says he can pardon himself...did he get that from Israel!? LMAO such a fucking retard you fucks will get all you deserve. When I look at Trump all I see is that neck vag of his I cant take anything this oompaloompa says seriously. As with all retarded presidents.  
On a final note why is Israel in Alaska!?

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