Friday, August 24, 2018


DISENCHANTMENT Yet another show written by degenerate pedovore with daddy issues Roman Polanski. Josh Weinstein I'm guessing is another ghost of his. And guess what there is a demon in a box like in most of GAYGAYGAYbrams shit he produces. When does it end!? Dreamland where it takes place is also a book by Polanski ghost Thom Young. 
People are realizing how racist the Simpsons is (((yes very racist just like Pynchonlanski))). Oh and Polanski ghost Joshua Nilles lost his Twitter again! This one didnt even last a month. HAHA tweeting classified shit! LMFAO. That's ok I saved most of his tweets.
Disenchantment has Quests like in Pynchon there is even a Marut and canals like Romans daddy who was mass murderer of millions Genrikh Yagoda who built two failed canals for Stalin and went by Ret Marut. You will never stop bragging about your disgusting father will you Polanski!? And Polanski and his elite kin feed on his orphan children he pimps out and on their adrenochrome that they think gives them Immortality.
'This season, Disenchantment has done a good job of introducing macro serialized elements without much labored narrative table setting. First, there’s Zøg’s quest to drain Elfo of blood for the Elixir of Life, which the show has mostly treated as a background gag but now has returned for a full-fledged storyline. Then, there are the shadowy figures from the faraway land that sent Luci to torment Bean, but also clearly have bigger fish to fry. Finally, the series has introduced minor characters—Big Jo, the creepy exorcist, and Gwen, the formerly cursed witch whose candy house was destroyed in “Chapter V”—that return to facilitate a quest. Though Disenchantment’s stand-alone episodes have been hit or miss, not uncommon for a freshman series, they have succeeded in building out a world with characters and ideas are not soon forgotten.'

'At the Edge, it’s revealed that Big Jo was the one who kidnapped Elfo and has been following the search party the entire time to find the location of the vial. Jo takes off with Bean, Luci, Sorcerio, and the griffin hot on their trail, but after a failed attempt to take down Jo’s carriage, Bean and Luci are thrown in the hold of cargo ship with Elfo. They eventually find the Lost City of Cremorrah underneath a desert and Jo explains how Cremorrah fell into decline: Cremorrah, a wealthy kingdom with a snake-based economy, was attacked by Maru, a neighboring kingdom with a mouse-based economy, with a magical potion that turned all of its inhabitants into stone. The various absurd mythologies in Disenchantment have frequently bled together, but the Cremorrah-Marut debacle holds interest, if only because the idea of a mouse-based economy toppling a snake-based economy with magic is just the right kind of silly.'

'Plus, Maru clearly has influence and power far beyond their own walls. “Chapter VIII” reveals that the shadowy figures are Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress of Maru, and they have dispatched a stealthy assassin solely to make sure the Eternal Pendant doesn’t end up in the hands of Jo. When Bean, Luci, and Elfo escape with the Pendant and bury Jo in the Cremorrah forever (or until he returns; after all, he escaped that volcano with only a severed hand), Cloyd and the Enchantress are overjoyed that their plan is coming to fruition. Immortality drives people mad and can bring civilizations to their knees, so it’s possible Maru is exploiting Zøg’s desire for immortality to bring Dreamland to its knees. After all, he is blind to what’s precious before him. Only time will tell.'

Roman is always blaming his stupidity on Ron Howard. I for one wish Ron would do something to that prick. I sarcastically tell Starless I'm going to kill myself because I'd rather die than live in a world that he scripts but I would much rather stick around to see that fucker die. So no I wont be killing myself Starless. Nice try Shithead. (NOT). You'll have to come cut my head off with your Katana. LMAO. OR send whatever crackhead assassin you want to send my way. I will continue to fight for those who live and spent their lives fighting against your kind. To the zombies who spend their lives doing nothing but rotting in front of the 
Starless/Polanski you're 85 I'm 39 I think I will last a lot longer than you will asshole. Keep drinking that adrenochrome of your orphans you pimp out though. HAHAHAH You know I where I live come see me. See what happens. You keep saying to me in your emails you're all I have well I'm sure it means something different in your sick and twisted mind than it does mine exposing you is all I have you have left plenty to expose I could spend the rest of my life sacrificing myself going deeper into your sick disgusting degradation that you inflict upon the world...yes I have a purpose now and it's to destroy you. I dont drink or do drugs anymore all I do is research you every day. I dont care that all my work is ignored thats on them not me. 
Here is the House of Sam (Roman's Daddy Genrikh Yagoda's dacha) countless bodies are buried here but were likely killed in the basement of Lubyanka. It's where they found his porn stash the same porn stash that Roman writes about using to lure boys to rob and kill them as a young boy...though he says the opposite in his autobiography that he was lured and got smashed in the head. YOU ARE A TERRIBLE LIAR ROMAN. AND ALL YOUR DECEPTIONS  WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU. He writes about it through his ghost writer of The Nix. the-nix-nathan-hill

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