Thursday, September 20, 2018


HAHA I can see my last post pissed you off!!! You are so fucking easy to make mad! And of course you keep blaming Ron Howard for all your problems. YOU ARE THE FUCKTARD THAT PUBLISHED ALL YOUR CRIMES! YOU ARE THE BIGGEST IMBECILE IN THE WHOLE WORLD STOP BLAMING AND THREATENING RON HOWARDS LIFE FOR YOUR FUCK UPS!!! 

'The following is a formal challenge to face film director Ronald William Howard in mortal combat. Ron Howard has ceaselessly taunted me through media as well as made the show Arrested Development by illegally surveilling my life. I have written countless letters in an attempt to alert anyone to my situation and have never received a response. So I here by challenge Ron Howard to a sword fight to the death, (no quarter given.) The following article explains my position and rationale for resorting to violence to resolve this issue. It was never my intent to fight a decrepit old man like Ron but his taunts and hubris seem to know no boundaries and its time for me to shut him up for good. Anyone in doubt about my resolve should consider that this situation has been going on since 2007 and this whole blog is dedicated to making this harassment stop. 

The pitiful serpent Ron Howard has used his position in media to construct an intricately arranged labyrinth which exists in gematria to channel fear from the unwary. The most apparent of these mechanisms was the Jonbenet Ramsey murder and the associated #pathwork and spells. The gematria of Jonbenet Ramsey is loaded with associations which act as binding spells on the collective unconsciousness. In the first place Jonbenet Ramsey was a a six year old beauty pageant star. She was deliberately made up to have a certain effect on Caucasian men with pedophile tendencies and her gematria supports this; the gematria of #Jonbenet Ramsey = 166/996/1448 and one will note that with some reversed math 166 becomes 666 with addition of 5 on the 1 in the sequence, again this is reversed and meant carry the #cryptic word association of the "sword of god" and whats more is deliberately intended to carry a sexual connotation. Its meant to be a taboo that no one wants to talk about.

I realize how awkward and lewd this is to describe about an apparently murdered six year old but it should be clear to anyone with the slightest bit of common sense. Further still is the name #Jonbenet Ramsey shares its simple gematria with the word #Tetragrammaton = 166/996/625 and because the of the importance of this concept in language we know that the association can be taken compared with the Biblical concept of 'Babylon' ei; "The Whore of Babylon" the whole device is has been designed to channel feelings of guilt and shame to anyone who thinks about its #gematria for too long. It was likely devised as means of mind control which also worked to create the illusion of a taboo around the practice of gematria. For anyone who has read and thought about the meaning of the original Covenant which founded the Torah it is clear that it has to do with the sanctity of a child life and its plain as day to anyone that the murder of a child amounts to the most unthinkable and awful of sins. It stands to reason that the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey was a mechanism of mind control over the American public. In truth I find it difficult to imagine that anyone could murder a child in such a manner but if there was someone deprived enough to imagine every detail of how it would happen and then act it out as a news story it would be (and is) movie producer; Ronald William Howard.' As I have proved Roman Polanski is behind all these CIA psyops manipulating America and they have a serious problem on their hands in regards to him! Or should I say they would have a problem on their hands if you retards werent all fucking ASLEEP! HAHAHAHAH


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